…it’s a ride at Valleyfair


At Valleyfair in Minnesota

There was a ride

It was a Giant Roulette Wheel (tm)

The seats of the ride are the spots that the ball lands. You buckle in next to a friend and you start to wonder what is going to happen. The ride guy starts talking through the blown out loudspeaker about the safety rules. It doesn’t matter now there is no turning back. You are on the ride until the ride is done. The ride begins spinning backwards and you are having a good time.

Now the ride starts and the Roulette Wheel begins to gyrate. A real life Roulette Wheel does not spin like this so watch out, watch out for the gyrations

The way that it gyrates, the way that it spins.

That tickles your dink.

this is the ride that tickles your dink. not bad.